Synchronised sinking on a Titanic scale

When engineers working on the Titanic film set needed to re-enact the sinking of the liner, they built scale models that required synchronised movements to within +/-1in. The 90% scale model used for close-up shots was about the size of a 77 storey building and weighed just over 900tonnes. The massive set had to move in near perfect unison with that of its 20% scale counterpart (used for distance shots) if realism was to be achieved. For feedback signals capable of ensuring such precision, engineers chose Celesco’s PT9510 and PT8510 cable-extension position transducers.

Using the PT8510 transducers on the 20% scale model for measurements up to 60in. And the PT9510 on the 90% scale model for measurements up to 400in., engineers were able to precisely synchronise movements on the two models as their feedback signals are electrically identical. Since these sensors are also NEMA 4X and IP67 rated, they were able to withstand the extremely harsh environment.

For maximum durability Celesco’s 0.047in diameter cable was used, and cable tension was increased to improve dynamic response characteristics and assure reliability. Since the sensors do not require perfectly parallel alignment or need periodic adjustments, they are easy to install and maintain. It is said they are a fraction of the cost of alternative sensors.

Celesco cable-extension position transducers are available from Variohm Components.