Systemonic acquires key RF assets from Raytheon

Systemonic has acquired products and intellectual property of the RF Networking group of Raytheon Company’s Commercial Electronics business (RCE). Paramount on the list of assets is Raytheon’s 5 GHz RF chipset.

This 2-chip set, marketed as Tondelayo, will be matched with Systemonic’s family of CMOS Baseband integrated circuits – code-named HiperSonic. Systemonic will also support the design-in and resale of the Raytheon power amplifier as part of its total chip solution for the Wireless LAN market.

As part of the transaction and in light of its commitment to the venture, Raytheon has also acquired an equity interest in Systemonic.

In order to minimise total cost of ownership, wireless-networking solutions must transparently support multiple existing, evolving and emerging standards that are prevalent in the marketplace.

While IEEE 802.11b has emerged as the global standard, several regional standards are vying for supremacy for next generation protocols and performance levels. North America has adopted the IEEE 802.11a specifications with 802.11g under discussion.

In Europe, HiperLAN/2 or 802.11h may be the future protocol for high-speed communications. Completing the regional morass, Japan is expected to use its local flavour of high-speed wireless networks in addition to global standards.

Systemonic claims that its IC solutions are capable of processing all the combinations of these protocols.

In November 2000, Systemonic completed second round funding of USD 30 million from an investment consortium led by Atlas Venture and APAX Europe IV, including, Krone mt, Robertson Stephens’ Bayview 2000, LP, and Lehman Brothers.

The company was founded in 1999 after four years of research at the University of Dresden.

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