TA-Series launched

Power Jacks has launched the new “TA-Series” of electric linear actuators, which expands their linear actuator portfolio for sub 10kN rated units. There are two basic models in the TA series: a 2.2kN and 4.4kN capacity unit with linear speeds of up to 1370 mm/min.

These models are available with AC or DC motors and stroke lengths up to 300mm as standard. Control options include a clutch (internal to gearbox) for overload and jam protection, limit switches which are fully adjustable over the full stroke (located within the metal housing for protection) and potentiometer feedback. Rather than relying on a belt drive in the gearbox the units use all metal gears to drive a self-locking machine screwing the actuators ram.

This is said to provide safety and reliability for linear actuation without the need for an electric brake to hold the load when parked. Plus in order to reduce overall life costs of the actuator to the customer all models are lubricated to be maintenance free for normal operation.

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