Tactilus feels the force

Sensor Products Inc has introduced Tactilus, a new electronic tactile force and pressure indicating sensor that allows an engineer to monitor precisely how force is disbursed at the point of impact. Both air and liquid spray and flows can be evaluated in real time.

‘The Tactilus system helps in the design of spray nozzles and fixtures. Spray impact levels as well as perimeter (spray pattern), spray coverage, dwell time of impact and uniformity across the spray contact area can be optimised and interpreted in real time,’ said Senior Product Manager Carlos Ruiz.

‘In the area of abrasive spraying, the system enables measurement of volume simultaneously with particle size and velocity. This provides an accurate determination of the particle number density and volume flux.’

Additional applications for the Tactilus system in spray nozzle or fixture design or diagnostics, noted Stark, include precise adjustment and optimisation of surface coating and finishing, powder and deposition coating, atomising nozzles, flame and plasma spraying, and shot peening.

Tactilus is a Windows-based system that consists of a thin ultra-sensitive (detection down to 1 Pa) grid based sensor array, an interface controller, and software.

The Tactilus sensing element is only 18mm, allowing adaptation over curved surfaces or invasive intolerant environments. The Tactilus element’s internal structure is said to be very durable and can be utilized for dozens of tests before replacement is necessary. The sensor system is pre-calibrated and requires minimal user training prior to operation.