Take the strain

National Instruments’ SCXI-1521 and SCXI-1521B strain measurement modules are 24-channel, quarter-bridge strain gauge input modules optimised for low-cost structural test.

The SCXI-1521 supports 120 ohm strain gauges per channel while the SCXI-1521B supports 350 ohm gauges.

Both modules also include 10 Hz filters, programmable null and shunt calibration, amplification and programmable excitations from 0 to 5 V.

The SCXI-1521/B modules work with all SCXI signal conditioning chassis and can be used with the new plug-and-play SCXI-1600 USB data acquisition module for portable applications.

Engineers can add other modules to the same SCXI chassis for pressure, temperature and a variety of other sensor and high-voltage measurements.

The modules work with NI LabVIEW 7.1 and NI-DAQmx 7.3 measurement services software to reduce overall system setup and application development time.