Taking 3D pictures

Mission3-D has launched a device that enables anyone with a digital camera to take 3-D photographs. Photo3-D works with any digital camera, and the full product package – Photo3-D 303 Kit – includes everything needed to take, see and share 3-D photographs.

The Photo3-D device must first be attached to a camera using a standard tripod socket. The user then takes a picture using the camera, and then uses the device to take another picture – capturing what is known as a ‘stereo-pair’ of images.

The two pictures are then loaded into a computer where Photo3-D Mixer software creates a 3-D photograph from the two images.

Using specially designed glasses, the user can then view the 3D image, whether it is printed on paper, displayed on a computer screen, or projected onto a wall.

The Photo-3D 303 Kit is available via the Photo3-D online store at www.Photo3-D.com, or by phone at 1-800-531-3378. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price for the Photo3-D 303 Kit is $129.

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