Taking the tram

Montpellier’s transport authority, TAM, has chosen Alstom to supply it with 24 Citadis trams worth 58 million Euros.

The trams will serve the city’s second, 19-kilometre-long line, which will be built as part of the extension of the city’s tramway network.

Under another contract worth 6 million Euros, Alstom will also supply the overhead power line for half of the line and maintain it for a 10-year period.

The rolling-stock contract includes options for fitting the 30-metre trams with 10-metre extensions and for the order of additional trams.

The Citadis trams have been adapted for Montpellier’s specific requirements and will enable the municipality to increase transport services as of 2005-2006. Alstom also supplied the fleet of Citadis 30 trams for Line 1. In service since July 2000, Line 1 carries more than 110,000 passengers per day.

The line’s success and growing passenger demand led TAM to order modular extensions, which Alstom built and integrated, thus lengthening the trams from 30 to 40 metres.

The option in the current contract will allow TAM to extend the new trams in the same way.

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