J D Neuhaus air operated hoists, featuring precise load positioning control via pendant hand controllers, have been successfully used for cleaning operations on road and rail-transit tankers. These cleaning operations are also suited to fixed storage containers and even marine transporters. The hoists, which can be fitted with overhead rail mounted trolleys for ease of lateral movements, support the high pressure injection cleaning heads dispensing hot/cold water or steam, incorporating appropriate cleaning solvents where required. Intrinsically safe compressed air power is used for the movement, control and hoisting operations, with the equipment being Ex rated for use where highly volatile liquid or chemicals have been transported or stored in the tanks. Increased spark protection for the JDN equipment can also be incorporated for operation within environments considered to be hazardous involving potentially combustive or explosive conditions.


A range of air hoists can be offered including the Mini series which provide lift capacities from 125 to 980kg. This range corresponds to the driving group 1 Bm/M3 whereby the theoretical working time is 1600 hours in load collective 2 (medium) corresponding to 400 full load hours. JDN Mini air hoists belong to category 3 and can work in zone 2 with gases of explosion group IIA. They can also be operated in zone 22 with the presence of dusts as long as no light metal dusts and dusts sensitive to impacts occur. Their Ex-denomination is Ex II 3 GD IIA T4.


For heavy duty applications the Profi TI-series hoists are recommended, covering lift capacities from 0.25 to 100 tonnes. They correspond to the driving group /M4 whereby the theoretical working time is 3200 hours in load collective 2 corresponding to 800 full load hours. The Ex-denomination of these JDN air hoists in standard version is Ex II 2 GD IIA T4 / II 3 GD IIB T4.


Furthermore when supplied with increased spark protection the denomination is Ex II 2 GD IIB T4. With these models the bottom block and load hook are copper coated. For even more severe applications the Profi is available with Ex-denomination EX II 2 GD IIC T4, when the trolley running wheels are additionally made of bronze.