Telelogic acquires I-Logix for $80 million

Enterprise solutions company Telelogic has announced the acquisition of I-Logix for $80 million.

Swedish enterprise solutions company Telelogic has announced the acquisition of US-based I-Logix, which makes software modelling solutions, for $80 million cash. Telelogic aims to complete the acquisition by end of March 2006.

Telelogic makes the systems and software modelling suite Telelogic TAU. It says I-Logix’s Model-Driven Development (MDD) solutions ideally complement Telelogic’s modelling tools and other products, especially those with focus on embedded applications.

MDD solutions allow engineers to graphically model the requirements, behaviour, and functionality of embedded systems. The design is iteratively analysed, validated, and tested throughout the development process and production-quality code can be automatically generated at any stage. Telelogic makes a more general modelling product whereas I-Logix specialises in embedded applications.

“We are acquiring the fastest growing supplier of modelling tools for the embedded market,” said Anders Lidbeck, President and CEO of Telelogic. “I-Logix has become a tough competitor the past years with a strong modelling offer focused on embedded systems and software development. Their products have an edge in embedded development and have managed to secure a top position in that market. By combining our two companies, Telelogic will be able to even better address our customers’ needs for developing advanced systems and software, for both the enterprise and projects.”

”Telelogic and I-Logix both have a long tradition of focusing very carefully on user needs. We also share a common technology view and a commitment toward standards ranging from UML to SysML and DoDAF,” said Gene Robinson, CEO of I-Logix. ”I-Logix’s products strongly complement Telelogic’s and together our combined solutions and resources will benefit all of our customers.”

Telelogic said the acquisition would also strengthen its position within aerospace/defence, government, automotive, telecom, consumer products and medical segments.