Telematics Technology in Action

If you want to see what ‘A typical telematics driving experience in the year 2004’ will be like, then tune into the ATX web site at There you will see a seemingly real-life experience of a mobile consumer interacting with telematics.

The scenario depicts a telematics ride in 2004 and enables browsers to ‘virtually’ experience the technology for the first time. The scenario follows ‘Katie,’ a student returning to college in Wisconsin after spending winter break at home in Virginia, travelling across several states and accompanied the entire way by telematics.

One technology shown in action is position-based commerce, which customises the services delivered on the road to Katie by continually scanning a personal profile of individual services that Katie updated prior to and during her trip. For example, the telematics system alerted her to nearby hotels and restaurants that fit her criteria. Once the location was determined, the system confirmed a hotel reservation.

In addition to depicting how p-commerce may evolve, ‘A Typical Telematics Driving Experience in 2004’ highlights the potential of more sophisticated automatic collision notification systems after Katie is in an accident. Through enhanced sensor technology built into vehicles, more real-time data about the accident is automatically communicated to ATX and emergency responders, thereby accelerating and enhancing the type of response. ‘Katie’s Scenario’ also highlights services such as real-time traffic monitoring, interactive voice recognition technology, connectivity between wireless devices and the vehicle, Internet-accessed information, e-mail, calendar reminders and messages. The demonstration lasts 11 minutes and can be launched from any Internet software.

ATX customers include Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Nissan Motor Corporation’s Infiniti division, Jaguar, Lincoln-Mercury, and Alpine Electronics of America. For more information, visit

Note: Two days ago, Mannesmann TeleCommerce GmbH with its telematics division Passo, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mannesmann AG (which was recently acquired by the British-based Vodafone AirTouch Plc) announced that it had purchased an approximate 20 percent equity stake of ATX.