Terminal gets tank treatment

A major oil terminal selects a Saab Radar Tank Gauging System to help provide integrated services at the highest safety and environmental standards.

Vopak is one of the largest independent tank storage companies in the World. Up to 23 million cubic meters of storage is available at its 70 worldwide terminals. The London terminal, based beside the Thames at Grays, Essex stores both refined petroleum products and chemicals.

To help meet the demands of providing efficient, integrated services worldwide, with the highest safety and environmental standards, Vopak felt it was important to have direct and easy access to full and accurate information on every aspect of their stored products. It was recognised that tank contents measurements could be improved by installing new tank gauges, and using a single Windows PC to run all tank farm operations.

As a result, Saab Tank Control UK was awarded the contract to supply and install Radar Tank Gauges, temperature sensors, water bottom sensors and Total Tank Manager Tank Farm Automation software.

Prior to committing to a single vendor for all new tank gauging applications Vopak wanted to ensure that manufacturers performance claims accuracy were verified. Only Saab and one other major tank gauge manufacturer claimed their Radar based tank gauges could be used on custody transfer applications.

Therefore it was decided to install both gauges on identical fuel tanks and monitor their performance over several months. Both manufacturers supplied and installed their gauges and hundreds of hand dips were taken to produce a long term record of comparative data – hand dips to Radar and Radar to Radar. At the end of the trials a decision was taken by Vopak to install Saab on its terminal due to the performance witnessed throughout the trial installation.

In addition to upgrading the tank gauging it was recognised the existing tank farm inventory software package was not flexible enough to cope with the demands of the busy terminal. Vopak wanted all tank farm operation to be viewed and controlled from a single Windows PC. In addition to displaying information from the new Saab Radar Tank Gauges they also wanted all existing tank gauges, by several other manufacturers, to be able to ‘talk’ to the same PC.

Total Tank Manager (TTM) was therefore selected as this system can integrate all generations of Saab TankRadar and most other major tank gauges on to a single (or networked) PC, using the power and security of Windows NT. All measured product information such as level, temperature, water content etc can be displayed in addition to providing full inventory, alarm and reporting functions. In addition the TTM will be used for pump and valve control functions during blending operations.

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