Testing time for photodiodes

dBm Optics has developed a new photodiode test system that allows suppliers of PIN and APD photodiodes to characterise the parametric performance of their components in R&D, QA and production.

The 280 system tests photodiode responsivity across wavelength and supports both the traditional all-states PDR and the faster, more accurate 4-state and 6-state PDR measurement methods.

It also implements ‘Real-Time Referencing,’ a technique developed for dBm Optics’ Component Spectrum Analyser and applied here to the photodiode characterisation.

Real-Time Referencing eliminates many of the errors that have plagued responsivity measurement (especially polarisation dependent responsivity).

The 280 can test one photodiode or hundreds of photodiodes in one system. Measurement noise is very low (below 200 fA), allowing for accurate dark current characterisation, which isessential in making accurate measurements of this kind.

Settable 0-10 V bias voltage from generation is built-in, thus eliminating the need for separate sourcing and measurement.

The company claims that, using the system, a complete characterisation of a photodiode (including responsivity and polarisation dependency over wavelength) can be accomplished in less than 8 seconds.

The 280 photodiode test system is available now.

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