Texas jury awards Harris Corporation $61 million

A jury in Texas has found Ericsson guilty of ‘wilful’ patent infringement and has ordered the company to pay $61 million to the plaintiff, Harris Corporation.

Harris Corporation has announced that on October 29, 2002, in the United States Federal District Court for the Northern District of Texas, a jury rendered a verdict in favour of Harris Corporation in a patent infringement case against Ericsson, Inc.

The jury found that Ericsson’s cellular phones and cellular base stations infringe Harris’ United States Patent No. 4,365,338 for digital transmissions over a dynamic dispersion channel.

The jury awarded Harris approximately $61 million in compensatory damages and found that Ericsson’s conduct was ‘wilful.’

Based on the jury’s finding that Ericsson’s conduct was wilful, the District Court could double or treble the jury award.

It is likely that Ericsson will file post-trial motions and appeal the verdict.