Text success for Broca

Messaging technology pioneered by Rawtenstall, Lancashire-based Broca is undergoing a pilot with mobile handset manufacturing giant, Sony Ericsson.

Broca’s data capture product Acquire is undergoing pilot implementation in conjunction with T-Mobile in the UK and independently in Sweden. Broca’s technology is to be used as part of Sony Ericsson’s customer services process to survey customer satisfaction among mobile phone users that have had their handset repaired.

After the customer has been using the repaired handset for a pre-set period, the survey appears automatically on the screen. Unlike standard SMS, which simply offers plain text, Acquire allows users to complete questionnaires via SMS by selecting answers from a short series of drop-down menus. Acquire presents a simple user interface, requiring very few key presses.

Acquire is designed to be flexible, allowing for tailor-made design and branding to match each client company’s individual requirements. It is not dependent on GPRS or WAP as its sole communication method is SMS.

Having acquired the data, the product then presents the information in real time to Sony Ericsson via a secure web tool, providing an accurate and immediate method of measuring the effectiveness of its services.