Thales Norway joins Gripen team

Thales Norway and Saab of Sweden have signed a contract for the development of communications systems for the Gripen fighter.

This order for the Norwegian company is the first to be awarded under the provisions of the Letter of Agreement signed by the Norwegian Department of Defence and Gripen International on 26 April this year. The total value of this activity is $25m for a period of two years, with the option to further extend the agreement.

‘The communications systems that will be developed by Thales are a central and vital part of Gripen´s systems. This deal means that Saab will get access to the latest Norwegian technology and in return, Norway and Norwegian companies will be able to obtain first-hand knowledge about the Gripen new generation fighter and its systems,’ said Hans Rosén, Marketing Director, Norway at Gripen International.

Under the terms of the contract Thales Norway will for the next two years develop Gripen systems capability in the areas of satellite communications and broadband technology. These are functions that are used for transferring data between airborne aircraft and ground-based command and control systems.