The All-New Protomold Website

The All-New Protomold Website Makes Rapid Injection Moulding Even Faster and Even More Accessible.

Telford, UK, April 1st, 2007: Rapid Injection Moulding specialist The Protomold Company Ltd. Is pleased to announce the launch of its new, much-improved multi-lingual website to the resounding approval of its rapidly-expanding UK and European customer base.

The new, interactive Protomold website makes the company’s online rapid injection moulding service even easier to use, with concise and simple advice on all the important aspects of the process, from designing-for-manufacture, to choosing the right resin for the part and even finding the resin colour you want. It’s never been easier – or quicker- to get the parts you need, exactly when you need them.

“The new website has been designed to facilitate customers in as many ways as possible,” say’s Managing Director, John Tumelty, “whether they’re experienced with injection moulding, or complete newcomers to the process.

“The Protomold principles remain the same: A designer uploads a 3D CAD model and, within an hour, receives an automated, detailed ProtoQuote giving pricing, options, and, if appropriate, suggested changes for improved mouldability.”

Users of the new website can also learn about general design requirements for injection moulding and specific requirements for rapid injection moulding,

allowing even a complete novice to order injection moulded parts in total confidence.

For a general guide to choosing resins for injection moulding, visitors to the new website can consult the Resin Selection Guide. For a list of resins that Protomold keeps to hand, there’s a Stocked Resins list, and to see a list of links to manufacturers, search engines and other resin resources, there’s Resin Links.

If you have questions about Protomold or some aspect of the rapid injection moulding process, you’ll probably find the answer in the FAQ section. If there’s a term you’re not familiar with, Protomold even provides an online Glossary.

“The Protomold process is an online service made possible thanks to our proprietary software and huge processing power, so the website is our storefront and is a vital interface with our customers,” says Tumelty. “As well as translations into German, Italian, French and Spanish, the new site has been designed for scalability and will allow us to add more value-added features to make rapid injection moulding faster and even easier, as well as country-specific and translated pages.

About The Protomold Company Inc.

The Protomold Company Inc. has radically changed the economics and lead times associated with prototype and low-volume production of injection-moulded parts. Its defined market segment, rapid injection-moulding, is positioned between rapid prototyping and conventional high volume injection-moulding. Protomold is privately held and headquartered in Maple Plain, Minnesota, USA, has a European Headquarters in Telford, England.

+44 (0) 870 723 0000

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