The chain gang is onto a roll

In many chain drive applications in film wrapping equipment or injecting lines, high precision positioning is very important. But normally, a chain undergoes wear elongation because of the constant sliding friction between chain pins and bushings. Chain pitch discrepancies can lower the product quality, constant chain adjustments are needed and replacement is almost inevitable.

One solution is the Bearing Bush Chain from Tsubakimoto. They have designed needle bearings to eliminate almost all pin-bushing wear by converting sliding friction into rolling friction. The rollers in the needle bearings separate the pin and bushing surfaces which usually rub against each other. They roll easily along both surfaces, thereby reducing friction and eliminating wear.

The company has also reduced the space between the bushings and rollers by half that of standard chain, so the chain has very accurate chain sprocket adjustment. As an indication, a 10 metre conveyor line will have a stopping accuracy of 2mm.

The pin bushing area is filled with a specially formulated grease and then sealed. The benefits are that the chain articulates smoothly and requires no further maintenance.

The chain can be used in moderately wet conditions such as shower testers and where dripping water is present. In these conditions, grease seals are inserted between the pins and bushings.

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