The Engineer Q&A: The future of civil aircraft

Our panel of experts will answer reader’s questions about how technology is likely to change the aircraft which carry people around the world

Airbus’s future concept plane, with body-incorporated engines, swept laminar wings, and a transparent cabin roof

We’re all familiar with airliners. They take us on holiday and business trips; and unless you’re very observant, you’ll have spotted that they’ve outwardly changed very little in the past 30 years. Under the surface, though, technology has wrought some huge changes, and will continue to do so. Some time in the next decade or two, airliners will start to look very different.

Our panel of experts will answer your questions on how aerospace companies are developing technology to make civil aircraft cleaner, quieter, more comfortable and more efficient. Please send us your questions on aerodynamic design, materials, control, navigation, manufacturing or any other aspect of civil aviation by 5pm on Thursday 21st May, and we will print answers in our next issue and on our website.