The essential electrical tester – plug in and get results

More tests, a scrollable screen, plug and play facility and non-trip technology – the Martindale E-Ze Test™ 2500 is an earth loop impedance tester with a difference.

Designed to make the accurate measurement of earth loop and phase neutral impedance quick and easy, it goes one stage further by offering PFC and PSC testing too. It still offers the non-trip earth loop test, voltage test and socket test of the previous model, the EZ2100, but the extra features mean that the user now has four test results on screen.

Other benefits include the patented T-Safe™ non-trip technology to avoid tripping in-circuit Residual Current Devices (RCDs). The E-Ze Test™ 2500 is fully automatic and battery free – simply plug it in and it automatically completes a comprehensive check of the wiring and provides an earth loop and phase neutral impedance result displayed to two decimal places, in accordance with the requirements of BS 7671 16th Edition.

Measuring just 145 x 85 x 53mm and weighing 240gms, the E-Ze Test™ 2500 is supplied with a zip carry case, mains leads and instructions.

The Martindale EZ2500 is available from all good wholesalers at £279. For further information, visit or call 01923 650688.

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