The Grundfos SL in a class of it’s own

The recent introduction of the Grundfos SL range of submersible pumps, means that there is now a durable, service friendly range of submersible wastewater pumps available to the market that employs many innovative features – several of which are unique to Grundfos.

This newly extended range has been specifically designed to optimise system performance and at the same time to actually reduce maintenance requirements.

You can choose from the SL1 range of channel impellor options which makes them ideal for sewage applications or from our SLV SuperVortex range that are ideal for liquids with a high solids, fibres and gassy sludge content. 

Whichever option you choose you will benefit from a wide range of features that include: a moisture proof plug, double mechanical seal, Eff1 motors and an easy to operate clamp which enables 180 degree rotation of the motor positioning.

Add these feature together and you have the sum of an exceptional new class of submersible pump.  For more information on this and other members of the extensive  water utility solutions available visit

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