The new PF330/220 portable range of clamp-on flow meters

The new PF330/220 portable range of clamp-on flow meters from Micronics, – simple accurate flow measurement from outside the pipe!

Every manager and engineer knows that you need to be able to measure a resource to manage it effectively and Process or Building Services flow lines are no different.

If you need to establish what’s flowing where in your process or monitor energy flow or water consumption the new Portaflow – PF330 and PF220 instruments offer an effective solution.
Process flows and hot or chilled water services are major areas of energy consumption in processes and building services and the first step in controlling and managing them is to identify what is being used and where, which is not a simple task on an existing site!

There is no simpler way than using one of Micronics Portaflow, Clamp-On range of portable Flow meters with integral loggers, which are acknowledged as the easiest to use in their class. Simple to apply and simple to use, a straightforward question and answer menu provides the facility to collect valuable information with the minimum of fuss or previous knowledge and minimum instruction. And when the information has been gathered it can be viewed on the instrument or downloaded for further analysis using industry standard formats.

Time is money and this new range of quick to install, Clamp-On, non-invasive instruments offers simple menu driven operation and provides a valuable return in information for a minimum investment in your valuable time! For further information call +44 (0)1628 811626 or visit .

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