The parable of the lost son found

Dave Wilson found himself in a local hostelry discussing the impact of new technological developments with his colleagues.

<b>’To the world you might be one person, but to one person you might be the world’ – Unknown.</b>

After a hard week in the office, I decided that a trip to the local hostelry for some team bonding (Shouldn’t that be heavy drinking? – Ed.) with my colleagues was in order.

During the course of the evening, one of my colleagues received a message on his rather spiffy new mobile phone from a young lady that he was due to see later that night.

Not only had the lady in question sent him a brief text message outlining the fact that that she would be only too pleased to meet him at his apartment later, she had also sent him a rather pleasant picture of herself reposing in some alternative drinking establishment less than five miles away with some of her friends.

Because my colleague also had a mobile phone equipped with a camera, he was able to respond in kind with a photographic image depicting himself and his colleagues in similar libations.

While it was all harmless good hearted fun, I must say that I was a tad miffed that our rather thought provoking conversation about the fabrication of quantum dots had been rather abruptly and unnecessarily interrupted by such shenanigans.

Fortunately, in the future, it looks like mobile phone designers will find something more practical than a camera to equip mobile phones with. And by the sounds of things, the future won’t be all that far off.

Just yesterday, for example, I stumbled across a technical article on the Internet penned by a Michael J. Caruso from Honeywell. In the piece, entitled ‘Applications of Magnetoresistive Sensors in Navigation Systems,’ Mr. Caruso describes the use of a very small magnetoresistive (MR) sensor that can be used to build a compass navigation system based on the idea of measuring and analysing the earth’s magnetic field.

Now placing one of these devices in a mobile phone would certainly be very useful, wouldn’t it? Especially after the knell for last orders has sounded and my work pal, who would undoubtedly be the first to own one of the little devils, needed to remember the route back to his own apartment!

I can just image him now, in fact! Turning on his MR-sensor enabled mobile to pinpoint his exact location on the earth, overlaying it directly onto a map of the vicinity and ardently making his way back home to meet the girl of his dreams.

But oh, what horror is this that has befallen him? Upon returning to his domicile he finds that his beloved has been there for hours already. And she has also been using the new technology to re-arrange his furniture, hi-fi and even the bed itself to harmonise them with the earth’s magnetic field in the best traditions of Feng Shui.

You can read about Honeywell’s sensors <link>here=</link>.

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