The power of sight

The new generation of P400 image checkers from Matsushita boasts greater inspection power and speed. That’s because it’s now equipped with an Intel Pentium III processor, giving it twice the processing speed of previous configurations of the machine.

Operating at 500MHz as standard, with an 800MHz option, the P400 has been designed for 100% inspection of products on a production line without affecting the efficiency of the manufacturing process. As many as twelve CCD cameras may be operated by one P400 simultaneously. Various camera types are available, including newly introduced mega pixel and progressive scan variants.

The P400 can be integrated into any point in a production process, and its on-line inspection power allows faults at one or several stages of the line to be identified. This eliminates the risk of undetected faults getting through to the end of the production cycle, so saving time and money.

The P400 not only recognises and registers faulty parts: it can also help with diagnostics so that the production process can be optimised. And, since no prior programming knowledge is necessary, it is easy to set up.

This latest version of the P400 has a more ergonomic enclosure with better door access, and a more powerful power supply.

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