The smaller the better

Designers can save on size with the release of the world’s smallest rodless cylinder from KV Automation Systems.

Compared with standard cylinder types, such as the VDMA type, the overall length of the cylinder remains constant without the need for a reciprocating rod.

This, according to KV, allows easier mounting. It also means that the cylinder can be used as a stressed structural member. Such benefits may also be exaggerated as stroke lengths increase, particularly beyond 1000 mm.

Designing the rodless cylinder did not, however, come without a few head scratching moments.

‘To reduce the overall length, the internal carriage has to be shortened,’ explained Ian Ewart, KV’s Product Manager, ‘and to overcome this a compact external guide is offered as an option for those applications where the moving part is not supported.’ The cylinder also employs integral mounting holes for end-mounting.

KV Automation Systems ENTER 49