The train now leaving is brand new

At 10am on 6 January, the first Jubilee Line Extension train left Charing Cross to enter passenger service: a more user friendly train for both passengers and the driver.

Each of the six-car trains can accommodate up to 1040 passengers. There is a combination of longitudinal fixed seating and perch seats, space for up to four wheelchairs or pushchairs, as well as standing space.

Driver comfort is of major importance. All the operators’ cabs are air-conditioned. Each seat is adjustable in two planes and incorporates a combined traction/brake controller and a ‘deadman’s handle’ device within the seat arms.

Twin flat-screen closed circuit TV LCD monitors are placed directly in the driver’s line of sight to keep him informed of the passenger situation on the platform before moving away from the station. These screens duplicate the platform-mounted monitors so the driver is able to continue seeing the platform on his screen until the rear of the train has left the station. By the use of what London Underground calls a leaky feeder cable running the length of the station, the system continues to function while any part of the train is alongside the platform.

Also featured in the cab is a safety measure designed to allow evacuation of the train. It consists of a set of steps, complete with handrail, built in to the door at the front of the operator’s cab. This enables the passengers and crew to easily leave the train in the event of an emergency.