The ultimate driving experience

An order worth approximately £300,000 has been received by Siemens for the supply of a number of drives and PLCs for use on a number of materials handling, conveyor and plant air handling and distribution systems in a new paint shop at BMW’s Rosslyn plant in South Africa.

The paint shop is part of a major expansion which is to manufacture BMW’s new 3 Series saloon cars, for the South African and Australasian markets, due to be launched in September 1998.

The MicroMaster, MidiMaster and MasterDrives models all feature Profibus network compatibility. They will control specific plant areas and equipment and integrate into BMW’s plant-wide computer based Factory Monitoring and Control System (FMCS). This provides the flexibility to adjust the drives on a live/real time basis according to line rates, air temperatures and flow rates.

Being situated at high altitude, the plant is prone to high temperatures and even sandstorms, meaning that several drives will be supplied in IP54 enclosures with integral chiller units.