The week ahead: enter the record-breakers

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A competition to identify the oldest operational valve made by Moog is part of the company’s 50th anniversary celebrations, while Bloodhound SSC is set to make its long-awaited public debut in London.

It’s time to head to the mods office, QA department or similar supporting facility that provides total project information on the kit that helps to keep your solutions running.

How so?

Put simply, Moog has launched a competition to find the oldest operating servo valve made by the company and $500 worth of Amazon vouchers awaits the winner. The company adds that it will also be sponsoring monthly draws to give people with newer valves a chance to participate.

Briefing is reliably informed that the contest is part of a celebration of the 50th anniversary of Moog’s operations in Europe, and the company has supplied a handy recap about how their servos came into being, namely that in 1951 William C Moog, Jr, developed the first commercially viable servo valve, which converts a digital or analogue signal into a hydraulic output such as flow or pressure.

To enter, frugal engineers in possession of such an aging device should take a photo of the valve with a smartphone, including the serial number on the nameplate. Moog say they will use this information to check the date of the valve. Then, upload the photo and complete a short form at this address:

The grand prize is an Amazon Voucher worth $500; Moog will award additional Amazon vouchers for the second prize and third prize.

Moog add that even if a contestant’s valve is not the oldest operational valve, or if they have multiple valves, participants can still qualify to win five $50 Amazon Vouchers that Moog will draw each month.

For details or to enter the contest (which ends on February 29, 2016), head to this address:


Briefing’s next stop is London’s Canary Wharf and news of the world debut of Bloodhound SSC.

East Wintergarden will host the 135,000-thrust hp land speed racer without its carbon fibre bodywork on one side. Richard Noble, project director said this will give the public a chance to see the “extraordinary engineering inside” the vehicle prior to its preliminary runs.

Members of the public are encouraged to visit Bloodhound SSC and the team behind the attempt on the world land speed record on Friday and Saturday between 0900 and 1700.

As well as the vehicle itself, visitors will be able to experience the Castrol EDGE and Jaguar BLOODHOUND Driving Simulator and Castrol EDGE Virtual Reality Experience.

Bespoke Jaguar XJR Rapid Response Vehicles, which debuted this summer at Goodwood, will also be on display.  More on these cars can be seen in video below.

Still in London and news of Imperial Fringe: Designs for life, which will give members of the public an opportunity to meet scientists and engineers at Imperial College London who are engaged in the altruistic use of design.

Visitors will have the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a zero emission racing car designed, developed, tested and raced by the Imperial Racing Green team, or watch the future of wheelchair mobility in action with a new re-righting chair design that allows sportspeople with disabilities to compete in wheelchair sports.

There will also be an opportunity for visitors to experience hearing impairment before teaching themselves to recognise shapes and images with sound using new apps and technologies designed by Dr Lorenzo Picinali to support the visually and hearing impaired.

The organisers say: “As the College’s new Dyson School of Design Engineering launches its first undergraduate course, find out how Imperial and some of its Exhibition Road neighbours are combining creative design, ground-breaking science and innovative engineering at this…collection of new technologies and ideas to celebrate London Design Week.

Readers interested in attending should register at this address:

News broke this morning of how Britain will guarantee a £2bn deal under which China will invest in the Hinkley Point C and this week Manchester hosts an IMEchE event to address key issues within the current nuclear market.

Over three days Nuclear Operations and DECOM Summit 2015 will discuss a myriad of topics including PRISM reactors, delivered by David Powell, vice president- Europe, GE Hitachi; the potential for small modular reactors in the UK from John Earp, independent consultant, IMechE; and the billions of pounds that could be saved by the nuclear industry through robotics.

Full details of the three-day event can be found here.

Last on Briefing’s list is a notice from Sweden’s Perstorp, which is inviting students and professionals worldwide to the Focused Innovation Challenge.

The specialty chemicals company say: “Participants will get the chance to use their creativity and ingenuity to solve a problem of the future [the next 40 years] using Perstorp’s Capa Thermoplastics technology.

“The innovation that impresses the distinguished panel of judges will be rewarded with a substantial cash prize and opportunity to get support for developing their idea from Perstorp.”

Entrants are encouraged to sign up at and have entries submitted by December 2, 2015.

Prizes include the opportunity to present a winning innovation at the world’s largest plastics convention, receive mentoring from Perstorp for one year, and a cash incentive of approximately €4,300.