The worm that turned

Holroyd has been showing off some of its driving and controlling wormgears for applications in lifts, subway trains and mining locomotives.

In axle drives of mining locomotives moving down a slope the transmission drive is subjected to an overdriving situation with the wormwheel driving the worm.Similar conditions are said to apply in lifts where overdriving occurs at certain conditions.

For both applications, Holroyd has produced wormgears with a special tooth contact pattern and reduced backlash to ensure trouble free running.

Holroyd wormgears that increase speed are fitted to drive centrifuges, which work on the overdriving principle with the wheel driving the worm.

For control, Holroyd claims its dual lead wormgears enable elimination of backlash by the axial adjustment of the wormshaft while simultaneously maintaining pitch accuracies. Holroyd has to date produced wormgears giving an indexing accuracy of 6.5 seconds of arc over 3600 of rotation.


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