The worm turns for steering systems

Every year in Europe around nine million cars are scrapped. This results in a huge amount of waste oil – from the engines, the transmission, and power steering systems which exist on an estimated third of these scrapped vehicles. This means that in a worst case scenario around seven million litres of steering fluid are disposed of annually.

With government legislation regarding waste oil becoming increasingly stringent, NSK-RHP has come up with a solution to help eradicate this problem.

The company has developed a power steering system which relies on electrical power assistance rather than hydraulic fluid.

Developed in Japan, NSK’s EPAS system (electrical powered assisted steering) assists steering through torque generated by an electric motor mounted – along with electromagnetic clutch, reduction gearbox and torque sensor – directly onto the steering column.

The company claims that this system enhances efficiency in a number of ways, with weight savings in the order of 2.5kg and power only delivered upon demand.