There is a light that never goes out

American Environmental Products, Inc has developed Glow-Lux Emergency Afterglow Lighting, a bulb that glows in the dark even when the power has been turned off.

Glow-Lux is a new, patent-pending fluorescent light bulb technology currently under review for use by the Pentagon and other branches of the US military. CemcoLift, a division of Otis Elevator, and Mule Emergency Lighting also have Glow-Lux under review.

The bulbs, which take 15 minutes to charge, remain glowing for up to 24 hours after the power goes off, providing emergency illumination in low-light and no-power conditions. Even if the bulb is broken, the glass pieces will continue to emit light, maximising the potential of this emergency light bulb.

Additionally, the bulb, when charged, can be removed from its fixture and will continue to glow, making it useful as a portable emergency light source.

Glow-Lux afterglow bulbs are said to combine a full-spectrum, scotopic-rich phosphor blend with a stronium aluminate (non-radioactive) after-glow phosphor blend in a discharge fluorescent tube. This reportedly helps the human eye adapt more quickly to sudden low-light conditions in an emergency power outage.

‘The Glow-Lux emergency bulb is designed to help increase visual acuity, enhance full-spectrum colour correctness, maximise energy efficiency, provide a level of illumination for a period of time even when the power is shut off, and improve emergency response time in which the eye can adapt more quickly to low light conditions,’ said AEP Founder Charles Bolta.