Thermocouple calibration

Engineers now can download free thermocouple calibration software from National Instruments to improve the accuracy of their thermocouple measurements.

The new software works with the NI LabVIEW graphical development environment to perform multipoint system calibration on any measurement system and any thermocouple type, improving measurement accuracy by up to 400%, according to NI.

The thermocouple calibration software is comprised of two LabVIEW virtual instruments (VIs). The first works with NI signal conditioning hardware to acquire, compile and write calibration points to file. The second VI uses these calibration points to create a best-fit polynomial correction curve that effectively compensates for system and sensor inaccuracy through the entire measurement range, creating greater accuracy for subsequent thermocouple measurements.

In the past, engineers relied on the calibration certificates of individual hardware components to ensure the accuracy of the thermocouple measurement system. The sum of the uncertainties of each piece of hardware, in addition to errors from cables and wiring, limited accuracy. Now, the new LabVIEW-based system calibration software complements hardware component calibration by compensating for these sources of error. This reduces the uncertainty of the measurements in the entire instrumentation system.

This calibration software is suitable for thermocouple measurements in manufacturing test and design validation applications and is effective in tests where the measured temperature varies across a wide range. NI thermocouple calibration software works with NI LabVIEW, multifunction data acquisition hardware and SCC/SCXI signal conditioning hardware, as well as third-party hardware.

The free software can be downloaded <a href=’′>here</a>.