Thermoplastic Compounds Change Colour On Exposure To Heat

LNP Engineering Plastics has developed new specialty thermoplastic colour compounds that change colour when exposed to body temperatures (88°F) or hot responses (113°F).

Colorcomp thermochromic compounds are created by adding thermochromic pigments to low-temperature resins such as polypropylene or thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs). Over a wide palette, customers can specify what colour the plastic will appear before and after exposure to heat.

Colorcomp thermochromic compounds are suited for applications where heat-induced colour change can be an added safety feature. Examples include teapots and tea kettles, infant feeding spoons, automotive radiator shrouds and medical devices.

‘These new thermochromic compounds provide an indicator of how hot a given object is once the activation temperature is reached,’ says Josh Blackmore, Colorcomp Product Manager. ‘In radiator shrouds, the idea is to in-mould the word ‘hot’ into the shroud which turns red when the water inside begins to heat up. It gives an additional warning that there’s a very hot surface.’

According to Blackmore, interest has been particularly high in the medical, small appliance, automotive and general consumer markets.

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