Last week’s poll: Brexit priorities

Largest proportion of Engineer readers value single market access in Brexit negotiations

Strong response and mixed results are a hallmark of our polls on Britain’s exit from the European Union, reflecting the divisions in the country as a whole. Last week’s poll was no exception, with 505 respondents and no option winning a clear majority of votes. Two options each accounted for about a third of respondents, with 34 per cent saying that negotiated access to the European single market should be the UK team’s priority in the upcoming negotiations following Prime Minister Theresa May’s invocation of Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty last week, slightly ahead of the 32 per cent who thought that minimisation of non-tariff barriers should be prioritised. A quarter of respondents thought that re-establishing the UK’s credentials with the World Trade Organisation was the most important, and the smallest group, nine per cent, thought that ensuring the UK can recruit skilled staff from across the remaining EU states was the priority.

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