This week’s poll: connectivity and security

Do the advantages of connectivity in devices for home and industry outweigh the potential risks of hacking?

Industry 4.0 communications platform connectivity

In our current cover feature, we discuss efforts to ensure that devices which connect to the Internet are secure from intrusion and should not disrupt the normal operation of businesses where they are installed, or lead to dangerous situations if they fail. We would like to know whether Engineer readers believe that connected devices  – whether “Internet of Things” in the domestic setting, or industry 4.0 in manufacturing – on balance represent an advantage or an unacceptable risk.

Please let us know whether you are happy to use connected devices in the home but not at work, at work but not in the home, if you consider all connected devices to be unsafe or safe, or if you think self-regulation is sufficient to ensure safety.

We welcome discussion on this matter, but draw commenters’ attention to our guidelines and remind readers that all comments will be moderated and may be edited if necessary.