Last week’s poll: Hinkley Point, redux

Almost half of Engineer readers think that a UK-developed small modular reactor would be a better option than the current deal to build and operate a new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point.

With over 700 responses to our poll and a lively comments section with over 50 contributions, the decision to allow EDF to build a new twin-reactor nuclear power station at Hinkley Point in Somerset with China supplying a significant proportion of the finance  is clearly one that still arouses strong feelings among Engineer readers. A very large majority of respondents agreed that the government’s last-minute decision to delay committing to the deals agreed by former Chancellor George Osborne represented a good chance to rethink the project, with only 11 per cent saying that the deal should go ahead as per the existing agreements. The largest group, 48 per cent, thought that  UK-developed small modular reactor would be the best option for the UK’s nuclear future (presumably abandoning the entire EPR strategy in the process) while 19 per cent though the deals could be reworked to give more opportunities for UK industry. The next group, 13 per cent, thought new nuclear build should be abandoned altogether, while 8 per cent thought China’s roe in the project needed to be renegotiated. Just 2 per cent declined to choose an option.

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