Last week’s poll: industrial policy

With Theresa May taking over as PM, we asked what approach her administration should take toward industry, particularly manufacturing?

Poll results July 19

Should she, for example, adopt David Cameron’s template and persist with its current style, which was a more distant relationship than that of the previous Coalition government, which had Dr Vince Cable at the helm of BIS.

Of our 306 respondents, 45 per cent agreed that government engagement with industry should be brought back to the levels seen during the Coalition.

Just under a quarter (23 per cent) thought that May’s administration should adopt more interventionist policies, whilst 22 per cent thought it should reduce regulation and leave industry to its own devices.

The remaining 10 per cent were split equally between those thinking that the government should carry on as it had done before under the leadership of Sajid Javid, and five per cent who didn’t see a response that fitted with them.

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