Last week’s poll: post-Brexit action

Engineer readers think that ensuring tariff-free trade with the remaining EU states is the most important factor for the sector following the UK’s exit from the Union

In a strong response from 685 readers, preserving tariff-free access to the Single Market came out as the most popular option for how The Engineer should shape its coverage of the Brexit process, attracting 38 per cent of votes. This week’s poll will study this option in more detail. Defending manufacturing jobs was the second favourite option, with 27 per cent of votes. Securing sources of funding for R&D came next on 14 per cent, with addressing the skills gap on 11 per cent. Six per cent of respondents thought that we should eschew campaigning but focus instead on connecting those who are having difficulties post-Brexit with expert help, while the options for clarifying standards and leveraging the expertise of retired engineers both attracted 2per cent of votes.

As we indicated last week, all of these options are likely to be important during and after any negotiation process, and we will continue to highlight  the issues on which the prosperity of the science, engineering, technology and manufacturing sectors depends. Please coninue to send us your opinions on this subject.