Last week’s poll: Should Britain be doing more to kickstart its shale gas industry?

With Ineos taking delivery of its first shipment of ethane derived from US shale gas, The Engineer asked whether the UK should be doing more to kickstart its own shale gas industry?


If we look at votes per option, then it is clear to see that a majority of 48 per cent agreed that fracking should be fully supported in the UK.

However, two options less favourable to fracking attracted an equal number of votes with 48 per cent agreeing that either more study needs to be done to determine fracking’s impact (24 per cent), or that the impact of the process is too harsh (24 per cent).

With the result on a knife edge, it was an option more inclined to the process that swung the result, with one per cent of respondents agreeing that hydraulic fracturing is okay as long as it done to extract derivatives.

Three per cent of respondents couldn’t find a fit with their opinion, making last week’s poll result one of the closest in The Engineer’s online history.

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