This week’s poll: the budget and government priorities for industry

After a jittery-few months the summer budget will provide the clearest indication yet of the current administration’s industrial policy. Which of the following areas would you most like to see prioritised by the government?


The response to our poll last week showed strong support for reforming the tax system to encourage investment in production and research, with 47 per cent of the 217 respondents choosing this option; by far the most popular. Next, on 18 per cent, came further incentives to hire appenticrs and address skills issues; while 10 per cent opted for ring-fenced infrastructure investments and greater subsidies for emerging industries. Justy behind on 8 pre cent was a group who thought thRE government dshould just let industry stand on its own without interference; whilre 7 per cent wanted to see expanded support for Cataoukt Centres, Innovate UK and similar initiatives.

Did George Osborne’s first Budget for a Conservative government do enough to encourage industry to increase productivity? Let us know your thoughts.