This week’s poll: Trident renewal

George Osborne recently announced £500m worth of investment into Faslane naval base, which brought the UK’s renewal of Trident nuclear deterrent back into the news. 

  • The UK needs a nuclear capability, and renewing Trident is the best option.
  • The UK needs a nuclear capability, but Trident is too expensive. Cheaper options should be investigated.
  • The UK needs a nuclear capability, but Trident should not be renewed for reasons other reasons than cost (please specify in comments)
  • Trident should be renewed but not based at Faslane
  • The UK does not need a nuclear capability, so Trident should not be renewed.
  • None of the above

Please respond to this poll here. Use this page to comment on this subject or on the options we have suggested (comments are particularly useful if you have chosen the ‘None of the above’ option, and as statedabove, we’d also appreciate your comments if you think Trident is unsuitable for reasons other than cost). This page will show the poll result from 8th September.