Last week’s poll: Will a Brexit benefit UK manufacturers?

Engineer readers are split on whether the UK should leave the EU, but the largest group of respondents say a Brexit would free manufacturers from burdensome regulations.

We had 803 respondents to last week’s poll on the issue that is certain to dominate UK politics for the next four months, and the largest group of respondents, 34 per cent, said that pulling out of the EU would free up UK manufacturers from regulation.

Only a slightly smaller group, 28 per cent, were concerned that Brexit would lead to the loss of UK jobs as global manufacturers closed operations in the UK; while 23 per cent said that the UK should stand firm in EU renegotiations, although that particular ship has probably now sailed. An unusually large proportion, 15 per cent, declined to pick one of the three options.

Please continue to tell us your opinions on this subject below. The poll is now closed, but this subject will certainly be one we revisit.