Three-axis magnetoresistive sensor

Inertial Aerosystems has introduced the HMC 1023, a three-axis magnetoresistive sensor for applications that require orthogonal three-axis sensing.

Manufactured by Honeywell SSEC, it is designed to be affordable for high volume OEM applications.

Configured as three magnetoresistive sensors in x, y and z orientation, these sensors are said to convert all three magnetic field axes to a differential output voltage capable of sensing magnetic field as low as 85 microgauss.

The on-chip set/reset and offset straps require 50% less power to drive the set/reset and offset functions.

The Custom Ball Grid Array, 1mm pitch, 16-pin miniature package is said to provide a small footprint and accurate sensor placement for orthogonal three-axis sensing applications.

Inertial Aerosystems claims these devices reduce board assembly costs and improve reliability and ruggedness compared to mechanical fluxgates.

Inertial Aerosystems

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