Three dimensional memory

Matrix Semiconductor has disclosed that the first of its line of 3D memory chips will be available in 2002. The Matrix ‘3-D Memory’, as it is called, will come to market under some of the world’s best-known brands, providing consumers with extremely low-cost semiconductor storage for portable electronic devices.

By building semiconductor products in three dimensions, Matrix’s technology achieves up to a tenfold cost reduction compared with existing technologies. By building ‘up’ as well as ‘out,’ Matrix can dramatically increase the number of bits per silicon wafer and design chips for high-volume production at a very low cost.

As importantly, the new memory is fabricated using the standard materials, equipment, and processes already present and very well understood in the world’s semiconductor manufacturing foundries.

Matrix and its technical team have already been granted two US patents covering the inventions around 3-D semiconductor design and production, and have filed over 60 additional applications.

Silicon foundry TSMC has apparently been producing Matrix 3-D Memory throughout the latter half of this year. Matrix intends to provide Matrix 3DM fully packaged in standard memory card formats or separately as a packaged die.