Three pound ultrasound

Last month, SonoSite unveiled what it claims is the smallest all-digital ultrasound platform available in the world – the three-pound iLook series.

Initially, SonoSite will offer two iLook systems.

iLook 15 is intended for ‘quick-look’ diagnostics in areas such as emergency, radiology, intensive care, or surgical recovery. iLook 25 is designed to provide visual imaging for physicians and nurses while performing vascular access procedures.

Both the systems have a PDA-like touch screen as the user interface and will be priced between $12,500 and $15,500.

The iLook systems will be available in Europe this month. Availability in Asia, Canada is expected later this year and in early 2003.

Hand-carried ultrasound is gaining acceptance because it enables a trained physician to obtain information that can help diagnose a patient’s condition or guide a delicate procedure such as a biopsy or a vascular line placement without increasing the complexity of the procedure itself or the costs to the hospital system.

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