Three roles in one valve

A single valve from Chem Resist is designed to protect equipment fro ‘dead heading’ and maintain the necessary back pressure in closed loop systems.

To do this, the one valve series serves in three roles: diaphragm relief, by pass and back pressure.

The Plast-O-Matic has a Teflon body for corrosion resistance. The wetter diaphragm is Teflon-energised by a non-wetted Viton diaphragm to resist both chemical attack and salt crystallisation problems. The large active area of this diaphragm delivers more sensitivity and less pressure drop under flow conditions.

Incorporated in the valve is Plast-O-Matic’s fail-dry system. This provides a visual warning of seal malfunction and lets the valve keep working until maintenance can be planned.

Its rugged construction and the Teflon protection make the valve suitable for a broad range of applications, including ultra-pure water and with concentrated etchants such as in the semi-conductor industry.

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