TI has a bluetooth

The ability to wirelessly connect consumer electronic equipment such as data-enabled mobile phones, Personal Digital Assistants, home networking hubs, printers and computers will become a reality as TI today announced the availability of its Bluetooth chipset.

The Bluetooth solution combines TI’s Bluetooth baseband core with a host processor based on TI’s TMS320DSP. By joining the capabilities of TI’s DSP and its Bluetooth core, only a single additional Bluetooth RF component is needed to couple to the integrated baseband.

TI’s 5×5 mm2 TRF 6001 Bluetooth RF transceiver chip is claimed to be the first sampling solution that offers advanced sensitivity reception better than -86 decibells per milliWatt (dBm), 16 dB better than the current Bluetooth specification.

As a result, TI’s Bluetooth solution can offer six-times the range of a standard implementation. In real-world conditions, this extra sensitivity allows applications to operate more reliably at longer distances in spite of interference from intervening objects and competing signals.

Designed using TI’s advanced 0.18 micron CMOS process, the level of integration enables one of the industry’s smallest Bluetooth baseband footprints of 6×6 mm2 to be achieved.

TI is sampling its complete Bluetooth chipset today, with production availability scheduled for the fourth quarter this year.

TI is on the web at www.ti.com