Time lapse labelling

Smart label developer Timestrip has tied up a deal with Premier Foods to trial its technology on jars of Branston Pickle.

Hertfordshire-based Timestrip’s labels display elapsed time via the movement of liquid through a custom- developed porous membrane.

Its labels will be attached to jars of Branston sold through Tesco stores across the UK from the middle of December. The label is activated when the jar is first undone and can then be affixed to the lid to allow consumers to monitor for how long it has been opened.

The Branston deal is the first time that Timestrip’s system has been tested in the UK food retail sector, although it has undergone previous trials with Nestle in the catering industry.

‘We hope that the launch at Tesco will lead to wider opportunities with Premier,’ said Timestrip’s joint chief executive Reuben Isbitsky.