Timken and Tranergy lubricate the trains

Timken has entered into a joint venture with Tranergy Corporation to form Friction Management Services (FMS) a company that has aimed its TracGlide lubrication system squarely at the rail industry.

The TracGlide system offers rail operators the abilityto manage friction to improve the productivity of the train, while employing a system that, FMS say is cleaner and more environmentally safe than other types of rail lubrication.

The friction management system is driven by an on-board lubrication control computer that gathers operating data from sensors to determine locomotive position, speed, brake status, track conditions and temperature.

The smart system then precisely calculates the amount of friction modifier to dispense and applies it to both rails after the last axle of the locomotive. The system optimises the train’s operation by reducing friction during rolling motion and, under braking conditions, generating friction for more efficientbraking.

It has the ability to reduce tractive effort and lateral forces in curves. The friction modifier is a water-based agent that dissipates as the rail cars pass over it and offers cleaner operation for both maintenance personnel and the environment.

The TracGlide system has been tested in varyingconditions with major US railroads and the Association of American Railroads (AAR) Transportation Technology Center (TTCI).

More on the web at www.frictionmanagement.com