To hell and back

It’s on the end of Blackpool pier, it’s open to the public, and its not recommended for anyone with a heart condition.

The UK’s first `reverse bungy’ ride catapults its passengers 180 feet into the air at speeds of 2200km/h, subjecting them to a staggering maximum G Force of 5.8.

Street CraneXpress’ design consists of two 36m towers spaced 8.4m apart, between which a passenger cable is supported at either side by a bungy rope attached to the towers by steel cable. Bearing connections on each end of the cable ensure free movement.

The cables run over the top and down the side of each tower and are attached to a hoist with a 2 tonne load baring capacity. To ensure accurate stretching of the bungy ropes, the hoists are fitted with Stegmann AG626 rotary encoders. A Telemechanique PL7 Micro is used to control the entire electro-mechanical system.

The passenger capsule is anchored to the ground while the bungy ropes on each side are stretched tightly. The capsule is then catapulted into the air with its terrified human cargo before swivelling round and offering its passengers a fine view of the approaching ground as it plummets earthwards.