Tool assesses suitability of areas for open-loop GSHPs

A free tool has been launched that assesses whether a location could be suitable for a large (greater than 100kW) open-loop ground-source heat pump (GSHP) scheme.

The screening tool — developed by the British Geological Survey in partnership with the Environment Agency — covers the whole of England and Wales, and is designed to encourage the uptake of open-loop GSHP technology in suitable areas.

Users can zoom in and click on the map and type in a postcode or a place name to identify their location. The map shows whether the location is likely to be favourable or less favourable for an open-loop GSHP scheme.

A pop-up table and maps provide more information about the different factors affecting the outcome, including whether an aquifer is present beneath the site and the size of licensed groundwater abstractions in the vicinity.